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We are a 24-Hour locksmith dispatching service that connects users with independent locksmiths in their area. Those locksmiths are partners with but not employed by We do not operate a storefront or physical lockshop location anywhere in the United States. Our role is only to connect customers with a local service provider, not to provide the service itself.

Call us now to have one of our agents connect you with the nearest locksmith to receive an estimate or immediate service.


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We are not employed by or affiliated with Google or Google Adwords. Google does not dictate how we select our customers, how we render our service and does not influence the pricing related to any of our services or the independent locksmith's services.

Users must be over the age of 18 to utilize our service. Thank you for your cooperation.

We cannot guarantee a specific arrival time, we cannot guarantee any work and we cannot offer any discounts. You must speak with the independent locksmith we connect you with regarding the aforementioned items.

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